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My name is Prince. No, not prince of Belair or Prince the singer, but i am Prince of Liberia Africa.....since i was born my life has been hectic.....when i was 3 the Rebel war started, and my village came together and slashed "DARK MAGIC" otherwise known as voodoo into all of the "boy soliders" arms, necks, backs, and i happened to be one chosen.

i was then shot in the arm with a massive gun at 8 years old, following the coming months i ended up killing a lion with a spear to prove my manhood for my tribe, Gribil Tribe.

in 2015 after being in America some years i had met my girl, my lil angel, QOSArtistDoll, otherwise known as Babrbie. We started on twitter toghether and got big before i knew it.

i run shit , get with it or get lost.

Follow me on twitter @ African_boyT

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